iCPA Welcomes University of Baguio

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University of Baguio a multidisciplinary university located at the heart of Baguio City.  Founded by Dr. Fernando Gonzaga Bautista and Rosa Castillo Bautista on August 8, 1948 as the Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute with 80 students.

After six decades of productive endeavors, UB gears itself to meet the complex challenges of the third millennium. It will continue to pursue perfection, to perpetuate its culture of excellence, and to develop its students into integral and balanced persons who are imbued with Christian values, academic excellence, social awareness, and involvement, sense of responsibility and accountability, dynamic Filipinism, consciousness of their personal health and physical well-being and a deep concern for the environment.

UB offers the following courses :

School of Business Administration and Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Operations Management, Financial Management,
Marketing Management, Human Resource Development Management
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Business Education
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Ladderized Courses:
Certificate in Accounting Technology
Associate in Accounting Technology
School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology
  • Bachelor of Forensic Science
  • Master of Science in Criminology
Major in Law Enforcement Administration
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice Education
with Specialization in Criminology
School of Dentistry
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
School of Engineering and Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
Major in Mechatronics
School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Pre-Professional General Education (Various Courses)
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master in Public Administration
  • Special Programs
UB English Language Academy Network (ELAN)
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Training
School of Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Associate in Computer Technology, with specialization in:
Multimedia and Web Design
Computer and Network Servicing
  • Short Courses
Cisco Certified Entry Level
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Linux System Administration
Computer Troubleshooting for Non-Technicians
Desktop Publishing using Adobe Application
Web Design and Development
School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management,
with Specialization in Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
  • Associate of Arts in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management
School of Law
  • Bachelor of Laws and Letters
School of Natural Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
School of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Special Programs
Diploma in Midwifery
Certificate in Health Care Services
School of Teacher Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
Major in General Education, Special Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in Biological Science; Filipino; English;
Mathematics; Social Studies; Music, Arts, and Physical Education
  • Master of Arts in Education
Major in Educational Management; Physical Education;
Filipino; Pre-Elementary Education
  • Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching
  • Doctor of Philosophy
Major in Development Education
  • Doctor of Education
Major in Educational Management

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