How to prepare the day before CPA exams

How to prepare the day before CPA exams?

The CPA exam is one of the toughest exams in the country.  The exams are administered every May and October.  This exam defines an accounting student, the culmination of a 5 year intense study.

The pressures are felt during the final board and pre week.   CPA review schools offer this CPA diagnostic test and last minute lectures to boost the preparation of the CPA examinees.  Accounting students have their own calendar countdown on the "D" day.

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Be Positive
Psych yourself up for the exam.  Do not worry too much because the CPA exam will be easy for those who have prepared for it.

Conduct ocular inspection of the examination venue and room
Know the school, room a day before the exam.  This will help avoid surprises on the exam day.  Make sure you bring your exam permit and other necessary thins (Mongol 1 pencil, eraser and calculator).

Look for comfortable lodgings
Make sure that your lodging is comfortable.  Book a hotel room if you can afford it.  The lodging area should be near your test center to avoid exhausting energy in the travel time.  The lodgings will help you get uninterrupted sleep that will help you to concentrate on the day of the exam.

Do not panic and lose sleep doing the last minute review.  This could significantly lower your energy level on the exam day.

Stick to your normal eating habits
One should not experiment on new food and drinks around your schedule exam dates.  Observe your normal eating habits.  Avoid coffee and alcohol because these can cause trouble for you.

Strategize the exam
Formulate a strategy that will help you finish the exam and have ample time to review your answers.  The suggested time to finish the exam is 3 hours.  You can devote the next hour in reviewing your answers.

Be confident with your answers.  Avoid changing your initial answer unless you are absolutely certain that it is wrong.

Avoid spending too much time on one question and never leave an answer blank.

Make an educated guess for questions that you lack knowledge to answer.

Mark the question for review for questions for which you fell you should be getting the correct answer.

Pray continuously while taking the exam
Recite a Hail Mary after answering a question.  This helps you relax and we highly recommend this practice.

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