The future of accounting is in the Cloud

Many small businesses are now using accounting software hosted in the cloud.  Accounting software’s improved their features, price and scalability allowing real time collaboration between the accountant and the company.

Many accountants are switching to the cloud accounting because they are mobile, comprehensive, relatively cheap, and easy to implement and have a great design interface.

These cloud based accounting software can be used in mobile devices wherever you are and whenever you want. This feature allows the accountant and the business owners access the business information real time.

There are more add ons that seamlessly integrate the different business functions like customer resource management, inventory, timesheets, and asset management to the accounting system.

Cloud accounting software is cheap. There is always a free version and fees are friendlier to small and medium business enterprises.

Easy to implement
Implementation is easy because of pre-defined yet flexible chart of accounts and intuitive navigation tools. Design interfaces are cool, intuitive and user friendly.

You can check out Xero and Indinero to see that that the future of accounting is in the cloud.

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