Tech Etiquette for Accountants

Amy-Mae Elliot, a contributor in Mashable, shared some tech etiquette rules that need to be observed in the workplace. The tips are not so obvious and practical. We want to share the tips mentioned to help young accountants in their workplace.

Limit headphone usage to your desk
Avoid walking around the office with your headphones on. Other people can perceive you as anti-social or worse, rude. Remove your headphones the moment you enter the office.
Listening to music during work may help fight sleepiness. Just remember to remove the headphone when the client walks into the work area.

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Talk in person rather than instant messages for long discussions
Companies have instant messaging installed with their email system for quick communications and updates. For longer discussion, go to the person and talk to him/her. Issues are resolved faster this way.

Follow the “first come, first served rule” in laptop charging
The staff area of auditing firms are full of bags and working papers. There is no place to put down your laptop and available sockets are rare. Even if you are desperate to plug in your battery, never unplug someone else’s device.

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Stay away from other people’s laptops
Do not look at the monitor of your friend’s laptop while he/she is working on a client’s documents. It is invasion of privacy, and the confidentiality of client’s trust is breached.

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Watch your fingerprints
People are annoyed when others smear the monitor of their gadgets. If you happen to cause a smear, apologize for it and offer to clean the device.

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