Accountants Need to ACT

A.C.T = Accountability, Credibility and Transparency

The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) released its theme for the year. The theme encourages all certified public accountants to A.C.T now!!!

A.C.T = Accountability, Credibility and Transparency


It is the acceptance of responsibility and the foundation of truthfulness, disclosure and transparency. Through accountability, we build and establish our credibility.


Credibility is the greatest yet most fragile asset that must be protected vigilantly.


Through transparency, we ensure that our organizations are compliance with regulations and contribute to the country. Transparency can also be practiced in our openness to communication, exposure to new ideas and practices, and our willingness to work and grow with our colleagues in the profession. 

iCPA will be posting related blog posts about this theme. We hope that the accountancy students will start to A.C.T now!!!!

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